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The Ruff Stuff Animal Exercise Harness!

The Ruff Stuff Animal Exercise Harness™ fits on your pet or animal easily and quickly. Thickly padded and fully adjustable, it's the utmost in a comfortable fit.

         Ruggedly constructed with quality fittings for carefree use.
         Adjustable weights for your pet's exercise program.
         Affordably priced!

    "The Ruff Stuff Exercise Harness is a revolutionary product. It is a well made, simple to use device that adds healthy years to your pet's life. There are sixty-five (65) million dogs as pets in the United States, and over half of them are obese, diseased and dying young. In just twenty (20) minutes a day, on your normal walks, the Exercise Harness will promote weight loss, develop lean muscle, increase stamina and help to relax your dog. The Exercise Harness fits snuggly and comfortably, allowing your dog complete movement without any problems.
    I recommend the Exercise Harness to anyone who wants a stronger, healthier pet or anyone who has a pet who needs rehabilitation after surgery. I have had the pleasure of using the Ruff Stuff Exercise Harness on my dog and plan to continue using it. In the near future, I plan to introduce it into my rehabilitation center."
Michael D. Pitt, D.V.M.

Slip in the weight that lets your pet or animal walk and trot with ease, while still providing the essential workout. The straps fit around your animal (fully adjustable of course), and snap together easily and quickly.

Turn your daily walk into a healthy exercise routine!

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