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      Some frequently asked questions:

Q. What is an animal exercise harness?
   A. An exercise harness that is weighted and worn by the animal to strengthen the muscles and add healthy years to your animal's life.

Q. Why does an animal need an exercise harness?
   A. More than half of all dogs in the United States are obese - many don't get enough exercise, put on un-needed weight, are sluggish, have an unhealthy diet, and age quickly.

Q. How does the harness work?
   A. It's worn by the animal about 20 minutes a day, during a normal walk. The weights in the pocket of the harness encourage your pet to to pull harder during the walk, strengthening, burning fat, and adding lean muscle mass, protecting the skeletal system, and making the animal stronger.

Q. How heavy are the weights?
   A. As with any new exercise program, you should begin slowly. 1¼ lbs. is recommended in the beginning, adding weight slowly as the animal grows stronger, up to 20 lbs. for very large dogs.

Q. How old should my animal be to begin using the Ruff Stuff Animal Exercise Harness?
   A. It is recommended that dogs be at least 1½ years old. Some natural muscle development and strength should accrue before the exercise harness is introduced as a regular regimen.
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